Tree systems filter road runoff

???????????????????????????????Tree filter systems in Leominster are now cleansing stormwater from City streets.  Each system has a concrete frame that is open on three sides and the bottom.  The open bottom design does not restrict root growth and the porous filter media prevents “drowning” of the tree roots.  A clean-out sump captures sediment and debris as stormwater enters the system to reduce buildup on the filter media surface.

Under the three feet of filter media is two feet of stone that allows the filtered stormwater to soak into adjacent soils. During very heavy rains, a horizontal perforated pipe conveys this filtered water to the storm sewer in order to prevent filter system overflows.

The top of the structure is open to allow tree growth and cleanout of the collection sump and surface of the filter media.   The removable grate on top of the filter system has a small opening for the tree trunk.  This fiberglass grating can be cut with a hand saw to enlarge the opening as the tree grows.

Routine maintenance includes cleanout of the sump and surface media bed as well as tree inspection, which will help keep the system filtering road runoff for many years.

Standard tree filter systems can treat up to 1/2 acre or more of paved road, and can be configured to work at most sites.  Tree filters can be combined with conventional stormwater structures and infiltration chambers, or simply as a “stand-alone” system.  For more details, visit


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