MS4 Comments Extension

The EPA stormwater permit comment period is extended to February 27.  This extra time affords more opportunity to submit concerns and suggestions for the EPA Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) permits in Massachusetts.

Proposed new rules augment the 2003 MS4 Permit and enable communities to better protect streams, lakes and wetlands. Local and national surveys find people are very concerned about water pollution and strongly support measures to improve local water resources. Municipal officials and departments share these concerns and are eager to prevent and fix stormwater problems.

MS4 012215 blog slide

MS4 provisions would require permittees to update Stormwater Management Programs that entail 6 control measures. These include public education and participation as essential measures to inform and engage people. Many low-cost ways to reduce runoff through community development can be realized as more people learn how streets can be disconnected from streams.


Likewise, proposed regulations for Construction Site Control and Good Housekeeping enable proactive ways to remove pollutant sources for less cost. Additionally, there are new rules for Post Construction measures that include:

  • Design of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to handle the first inch of storm runoff
  • Installation of BMPs in accord with the Massachusetts Stormwater Handbook
  • Long-term maintenance to ensure structural BMPs continue to function well
  • Permittee review of development guidelines to limit creation of impervious cover

For more details about the draft MS4 general permit and the public comments period, visit:


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