Water Project Assistance

Help is available to Central MA communities for stormwater management or water supply planning.   The Water Resources Outreach Center (WROC) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) issued a Request for Proposals from municipal boards and watershed groups for student projects. The WROC application form can be submitted by email until February 15.MB sample WPI team reduced (600x800)

WROC faculty and students will partner on projects to provide education, training and assistance on community water resource issues. The WROC will work with applicants to define and complete non-advocacy projects that:

  • provide useful results
  • meet the needs of the project sponsor
  • provide opportunity for students to apply their education to practical issues


A WROC project will be completed by two student teams, with each team consisting of 3 – 4 students. One team will complete a water resource project in fall 2015; and a subsequent team will complete a complementary project in spring 2016.

Typical outcomes include a student team report prepared with guidance from WROC advisors, which describes project results and recommendations. The team will also prepare a presentation about the project findings and other specific deliverables requested by the project sponsor.

The project sponsor is expected to:

  • Pay administrative costs for support of student project
  • Assist students in securing information to address the issue
  • As appropriate, provide space for students to work on the project
  • Facilitate student engagement with the issue and the community

The full Request for Proposals provides details and the application form. To request the RFP, contact WROC Co-Director Corey Dehner by email: cdehner@wpi.edu


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