Learn about Stormwater Utilities

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStormwater utilities can be an effective means to prevent and manage polluted runoff. The New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission will provide a storm-water utility workshop on March 25 in Chelmsford, MA.  The agenda for the workshop can be viewed at www.neiwpcc.org/stormwaterutilityworkshop/  and the NEIWPCC asks people to register by March 3.

NEIWPCC reports that over 800 municipalities nationwide have these utilities to help pay for stormwater management costs. These costs can include structural practices to reduce polluted runoff, as well as equipment for maintenance of storm drainage systems. In New England, there are less than a dozen stormwater utilities, and the March 25 workshop will offer expert guidance for establishing a stormwater utility.

The workshop includes sessions about utility development, decision-making tools, and lessons learned from recent stormwater utilities. It will also provide a forum for information sharing on the development and implementation of stormwater utilities in the Northeast region.


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