How’s My Waterway

Want to know about brooks and ponds near your home?  Search EPA’s “How’s My Waterway” site that supplies free water quality reports. It’s an easy way to learn about both healthy and polluted waterways with a smart phone, tablet or computer.

EPA stream monitoring

“How’s my Waterway” helps people find information about the condition of waters across the U.S.  See if a stream or lake was checked for pollution, what was found, and what is being done. The source of this information is the EPA databank of water monitoring in Massachusetts and other states. This site identifies causes of harm in plain language, including stormwater and other pollution problems.

Use your laptop or tablet to visit . Or use a smart phone to find out about a lake, river or stream while standing at the water’s edge. You’ll quickly find waters within five miles of the search location. Each waterway is listed as unpolluted, polluted or unassessed, along with the year its condition was reported. The website or smart phone app also has simple, non-technical descriptions of each type of water pollution, what is being done to reduce pollutants, and how you can help. The related links page provides helpful information on beaches, drinking water, fish habitat projects and more.

Spring arrives tomorrow and warmer days should be here soon. A great time to check out the health of the waters we enjoy for swimming, fishing, canoeing and other recreation.


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