Free rain garden workshop at Fitchburg Public Library

Spring is the ideal time to create a rain garden.  Please join us on May 12 for a 6:30 pm workshop about how to beautify your yard and help keep streams healthy.  Ed Himlan of the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition will present a slideshow on the design and benefits of rain gardens.

119 West-Appleton reduced v.3Rain gardens attract birds and butterflies, while protecting local streams and ponds.  These gardens are planted with flowers, shrubs and grasses that are easy to maintain and thrive without fertilizers & pesticides.   The slideshow will explain where to place a rain garden, how to select plants and how to keep the garden flourishing as a beautiful accent for your home or business.

Storm runoff is a big problem as forests and fields are replaced by buildings, parking and hard surfaces. Rain garden plants and soils filter storm water and recycle nutrients that can harm water quality.  The bowl-shape design also allows rain to recharge the groundwater that keeps streams and ponds healthy during dry times.

Rain gardens can be placed in sunny or shady locations, and there are many plants that supply food and habitat for wildlife.   These natural areas make yards more attractive and nurture mini-ecosystems that you can enjoy watching.

This workshop is part of the Clearwater Revival Project.  Participants will receive a free Pocket Guide with helpful tips about rain gardens and other runoff remedies.  A shorter version of this Guide can also be downloaded from:

The May 12th workshop in the Garden Room at Fitchburg Library is cosponsored by the Montachusett Opportunity Council, Inc. and the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition. The program is free and no reservations are required.  For more information, contact Jenna David at 978-343-6259 ext. 228.


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