Porous Paving

Permeable paving can be an effective way to improve property and let stormwater seep into the ground.  There are many options including pervious asphalt and concrete, interlocking paving blocks, and systems with gravel or grass to fill spaces in a grid.  Pervious paving offers lots of uses around a home or business, such as driveways, parking areas, patios, walkways and more.  It’s easy to see hundreds of interesting ways to do this by searching online for porous paving images .

The costs for different types of permeable pavements vary.  The Center for Land Use and Education at UConn has a helpful webinar with examples of the uses and costs of permeable pavements.  This video also provides tips about installation and maintenance of pervious paving at http://clear.uconn.edu/webinars/CLEARseries/permeable_pavements.htm

Along with reducing storm runoff, these permeable areas recharge the groundwater that refills streams and lakes during dry times.  Putting stormwater in the ground also helps sustain aquatic life by cooling and cleansing it before it reaches brooks and ponds.

For more details about the benefits of pervious paving, visit the EPA Soak Up The Rain website at http://www.epa.gov/region1/soakuptherain/learnmore.html#PermeablePavement


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