Nature at The Clark

Enjoyed the amazing exhibit “Van Gogh and Nature” at The Clark Art Institute.  As the museum’s website explains “For Vincent van Gogh, nature was the defining subject of his art. Over the course of his short but intense working life, Van Gogh studied and depicted nature in all its forms—from the minutiae of insects and birds’ nests to the most sweeping of panoramic landscapes—creating a body of work that revolutionized the representation of the natural world at the end of the nineteenth century.”  This unique Van Gogh exhibit will continue thru September 13 with extended hours for Labor Day Weekend.


Connecticut River from French King Bridge

The Clark’s recent expansion added new facilities to the 140 acre grounds, which include walking trails, green roof systems, and new landscaping with permeable parking areas that feed into a stormwater collection system.  A drive along the Mohawk Trail (Route 2) to Williamstown offers a panorama from the French King Bridge; pastoral scenes along the Deerfield River valley; and views of Mount Greylock, the state highest peak.  It’s always a delightful trip.


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