Cost Effective Stormwater Solutions

Join us on Wednesday, November 18 at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  This 5 p.m. meeting will discuss solutions for the polluted runoff that harms stream, lakes and ponds.

LCU sediment bar 111815 CSS blogStormwater is the leading cause for damages to local waters.  Native trout vanish as tons of pollutants are dumped  in urban and suburban streams every year.  These pollutants also accumulate in lakes, feeding invasive weeds and toxic algae that ruin swimming and fishing.

Most communities are concerned about the rising costs for stormwater control.  Fortunately, there are  efficient ways to prevent and fix stormwater problems.  Less costly solutions will improve local waters and reduce municipal expenses for water treatment.

This meeting will feature expert speakers on Low Impact Development, stream renewal, BMP site selection, stormwater assistance programs and the costs of runoff remedies.  Town boards, highway departments, lake associations, watershed groups, builders and concerned citizens will gain practical guidance to remove more pollution for less cost.

The $10 registration fee (free for students) includes meeting materials and refreshments.  You can view the meeting agenda and register online at Eventbrite.  For more details, email or telephone (978) 534-0379.


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