Need help starting a rain garden? Head to the Boston Flower and Garden Show

Boston Flower Show blog.jpegWith spring weather coming early this year, get a head start on your garden by going to the Boston Flower and Garden Show. Learn about the perennials and annuals available for your garden, as well as new landscaping techniques and trends. While you’re there, stop by the EPA’s booth and talk to the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition about starting a rain garden to reduce your home’s stormwater impact on local environments!

Stormwater is responsible for damaging as many as 75% of lakes and streams in the New England region due to runoff carried from fertilizers, sediments, and more. With a brand new rain garden, you can not only add visual appeal to your house, but you reduce the amount of harmful pollutants entering your local watershed and destroying local wildlife. The people of the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition can help you both beautify your yard and clean the environment.

The show runs March 16-20 at the Seaport World Trade Center, Boston with tickets available both online and at the door.


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