Livable Lakes Meeting


North American Lake Management Society & MA Congress of Lake and Pond Associations are offering a two day seminar about lake management in today’s world. On May 20 – 21, learn about lake issues, network with others and move toward solving your lake’s problems.  Topics to be covered include:

  • Algae identification and control – Friday Workshop
  • Aquatic plant identification – Friday workshop
  • LID techniques for homeowners – Friday Workshop
  • Rooted plant control options
  • Establishing a tax district
  • Building an effective lake association
  • Cost of specific plant control options
  • Available funding for lake management
  • Cyanobacterial monitoring and health threats
  • Shoreline erosion assessment and control

The meeting in Marlboro MA will provide information of immediate use to participants. Expert speakers will go beyond simple case histories and available techniques, delving into proven track records, costs and funding, permitting, and organizational structures that work in lake management. This conference is about empowering people to make a difference for their lakes.

For tickets and more details, visit the Eventbrite listing


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