How to Use LID Best Practices

Learn how to work with nature to enhance your community while protecting streams and lakes. Low Impact Development (LID) offers effective solutions for stormwater management and green design.

A practical four-page guide shows how to permit LID Best Practices in your local bylaws. This analysis helps communities consider existing land use regulations and encourage LID practices for residential development.

partridgeberry-2006-eoea-website-croppedLID best practices include: minimizing the alteration of natural areas; minimizing creation of impervious surfaces; retaining natural vegetated buffers along wetlands and waterways; and minimizing changes to natural flow patterns.

By following this chart, communities can see how they’re supporting the use of LID techniques as the preferred, most easily permitted methods for managing stormwater and where they can improve.

Please visit MassAudubon’s Shaping the Future Program to download this free guide for improving local bylaws.