Stormwater runoff from homes, businesses, parking lots and streets is the main cause of water pollution in urban and suburban places.  This Runoff-Remedies blog offers guidance to solve problems that harm stream life, damage property  and spoil the uses of local waters.

Most communities are unaware that streets dump dirty, oily runoff directly into  waterways. These pollutants accumulate and cause the steady decline of streams, lakes and water supplies.

Runoff-Remedies will explain “how-to” restore healthy waters.   Readers can gain practical advice about Best Management Practices and other ways to prevent and fix polluted runoff.

— The Runoff Remedies Blog, is run by the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition (main website at www.commonwaters.org) and has a many contributors. The Coalition’s mission is to protect and restore streams, lakes and water supplies. We focus on low impact design and stormwater solutions that help communities to renew the health of local waters and ecosystems. —


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