LID for Less Runoff

Towns can cut costs of polluted runoff and help keep local waters healthy.  Low Impact Development (LID) offers land planning and engineering techniques to reduce stormwater runoff and the expenses for water treatment.

CSS blog - LID CenterStormwater is the leading cause for damages to local streams, lakes and water supplies. LID design prevents harmful impacts of land uses by working with nature to store runoff and filter pollutants.

LID and other cost-effective techniques will be discussed at Community Stormwater Solutions. This November 18 meeting sponsored by the MA Watershed Coalition will be at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Expert speakers will provide practical guidance for town officials, stormwater committees, lake associations, builders and concerned citizens, which can help remedy runoff for less cost.

The $10 registration fee (free for students) includes materials and refreshments.  You can view meeting details and register online at Eventbrite.  For more information, email or telephone (978) 534-0379.